Our Climate. Our Future. – A Community-Led Event by Viitor Plus

Participants of the Community-Led Event working together

Being active in sustainable development for 17 years, Future Plus (Viitor Plus) highlights the vital role of education in the field. Addressing Romania’s limited strides in environmental education, the organisation invited peers to participate in this event dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Burnout prevention in NGO Sector – a Community-Led Event by City of Women

The topic of burnout is being explored in joint projects of two NGO Academy member organizations, City of Women (Ljubljana) and Common Zone (Zagreb) since 2019, which is where the idea for this Community-Led Event was born. The event was all about sharing knowledge on burnout in the NGO sector and different tools to prevent it.

Introducing: Community-Led Events

Our team has been working hard on something new in the past months and we’re very excited to share the latest addition to our programmes with you: Community-Led Events, or short, CLEs.

It’s the media, stupid!

Under this expressive title a two-day workshop on media and PR took place in Vienna, May 2-3, as part of our Regional Programme.