The NGO Academy was founded in 2013 with the goal of strengthening the civil society sector in Central and South-Eastern Europe by providing further educational opportunities. The Academy offers a range of high-quality capacity building programmes designed specifically for executive managers and staff members of NGOs. By transferring knowledge, imparting skills and helping participants to build up networks, the NGO Academy supports the organisations themselves, and, indirectly, also their beneficiaries.

Our offers consist of three programmes. They are implemented in cooperation with the Competence Centre for Nonprofit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurship of Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna): the Social Innovation and Management Programme, the Regional Programme and the Masterclass.

NGO Academy in a Nutshell ​


In the work with our partners, we identified that NGOs and Social Enterprises in Central and South Eastern Europe are facing various challenges on multiple levels. These challenges include little and volatile financing possibilities, little room for building knowledge and methods for professional work, as well as a lack of financial means and possibilities to benefit from existing capacity builders. This is where we come in.


The NGO Academy team carries out four different programme formats to achieve its desired impact: the Social Innovation and Management Programme, the Regional Programme, the Masterclasses and the Professional Master Programme.

Our programmes aim to convey knowledge focussing on: Resources and Innovation, Implementation,Leadership and Strategy and Regional Topics.

All of NGO Academy’s offers are designed to be easily accessible in geographical, financial and language terms for our community.

What for

NGO Academy supports civil society organisations and its employees through capacity building, leading to higher benefits for their target groups and beneficiaries. This is achieved by:

  • Supporting organisations’ executives in acquiring competences

  • Building international networks among like-minded persons and experts

  • Offering insights into recent trends and developments

  • Focusing on hands-on skills for employees’ daily work and concrete new projects

For whom

NGO Academy’s programmes are designed to address members and executives of civil society organisations in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, the programmes are accessible only for organisations within NGO Academy’s community, except the Professional Master Programme.


Mittelberger_Camilla copy

Camilla Mittelberger

Programme Coordinator
WU Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Martin Mehrwald copy

Martin Mehrwald

Programme Coordinator
WU Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Yvonne Reif

Programme Assistant
WU Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business


Nicole Traxler

Project Manager
ERSTE Foundation


Reinhard Millner

Academic Programme Director
WU Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business


Peter Vandor

Academic Programme Director
WU Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business

The Regional Programme is a topic-centred programme and focuses on strengthening management competencies of non-profit managers and staff members, taking into consideration their local context and needs for further development.