Social Innovation and Management Programme

The Social Innovation and Management Programme aims at the further development of non-profit organisations and their leading staff. The programme combines practice orientation with a solid base of expert knowledge and provides its participants with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills required to manage their organisations and to use expert input to work on specific challenges related to their organisations. Therefore, it targets members of the top and middle management of a non-profit organisation, who are able to actively influence and change internal structures and processes inside an organisation.

Module I
Resources & Innovation


Creative Lab

Innovation Management

Module II
Planning & Implementation

Business Planning

Project Management

Marketing Management

Module III
Sustaining Success

Impact Measurement


The curriculum of the Social Innovation and Management Programme is customized to its target group and follows the ideal steps within the project development process. The programme creates ideal conditions to build up individual competencies and directly apply them to real cases. Furthermore, the programme fosters the establishment of networks among the participants themselves, as well as with the involved faculty members.

Each year, about 40 faculty members contribute to the learning progress of the participants. They vary in their backgrounds, coming from academia, non- and for-profit sector, and connect with the participants in a well-balanced mix of lectures, working groups, individual reflections, expert coaching and informal talks. Thus the Social Innovation and Management Programme challenges its participants with external and new perspectives and ensures the practical relevance of academic and practical contents by applying them to real examples, consolidated through individual and group reflections.

The Social Innovation and Management Programme is implemented once a year in English in Vienna, and is structured in three modules, each of them lasting one week. During this time, the daily programme is enriched by various side events allowing the participants to discover Vienna.

Past Courses