Introducing: Community-Led Events

What is the objective of CLEs?

Community-Led Events (CLEs) are supposed to promote exchange and collaboration among NGO Academy Member Organisations and other organisations in Central and South-Eastern Europe. They are a unique opportunity to tap into the potential of learning from each other and of attainnig common objectives by creating synergies and alliances.

What exactly is a CLE?

A CLE is organised by an NGO Academy Member Organisation for at least two other participating members with the purpose of networking, knowledge transfer, project development etc. In a call for application, NGO Academy members can apply for financial support for an either closed or public activity. Any format promoting networkability and adding value to the NGO Academy community is welcome, whether that is a workshop, a conference, a field trip or anything else.

What is the timeline of the pilot run?

The application phase ends with November, 2022. After our screening and selection process, we can support six to ten projects taking place between March and August 2023. 


We are excited to see what kind of inspiring and impactful events our members will organise!

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