Keynote: Boris Marte – Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

On the occasion of celebrating 10-years of NGO Academy, Boris Marte, CEO of ERSTE Foundation, delivered a keynote speech. He shared his personal story, reflecting on the importance of failure, creativity, and embracing vulnerability in his work. Watch the full video here.

Watch now: From Fleeting Success to Lasting Legends? Markus Baer

Why do so many novelists, film directors, and first-time inventors often have a hard time replicating their early success? In his NGO Academy Online Keynote, Markus Baer presented new findings that shed light on the conditions that give rise to the phenomenon we call “one-hit wonder” and the psychology behind it.

Watch: Is it Tomorrow yet? How the pandemic changes Europe? – Ivan Krastev

Graphic Recording NGO Academy Keynote

On 2 March 2021, CEE expert Ivan Krastev joined us for the online keynote: “Is it Tomorrow yet? How the pandemic changes Europe”. What are the consequences of the pandemic that will set the course of the world in the coming years? Loss of vision is characteristic of every pandemic: we do not see the […]