Keynote: Boris Marte – Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

“It’s very important to understand that creativity sometimes needs a place for destruction.”

On the occasion of celebrating 10-years of NGO Academy, Boris Marte, CEO of ERSTE Foundation, delivered a keynote speech. He shared his personal story, reflecting on the importance of failure, creativity, and embracing vulnerability in his work. The speech is about the need for organizations and individuals to challenge existing ideas and perspectives in order to foster innovation, and highlights the significance of changing contexts:

“I did so many things in my life where the moment when we changed context was the moment where we had the breakthrough with what we were doing.”

Boris introduces the concept of “separation, liminality, and re-aggregation” when dealing with disruptions. He stresses the importance of stepping out and returning with a fresh perspective. Going through stages of creation, failure, and reintegration is crucial, especially when working on social change projects. In his speech, he encourages us to question our perception of reality, reveal our true selves, and embrace the transformative process.