Social Innovation and Management Programme 2020

The 23 alumni of the Social Innovation and Management Programme 2020 come from 10 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe. This year’s participants represented organizations and social businesses in the fields of social services, women’s rights, youth, education, environment and sustainability, among others. Despite being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants were able to deepen their knowledge and expertise in project development and to improve their leadership skills. Moreover they intensely worked on bringing innovative ideas into practice and extended their international networks. The Programme was held in three modules, due to the circumstances two of the three modules took place online.

Each participant developed a course project, an innovative project they aim to implement in their respective organisation. Discover the variety of topics and have a look at the course project summaries.

Download Course Project Summaries 2020

Social Innovation and Management Programme 2020

Andrej Balanč

Ivan Blažević

Flavia Boghiu-Samoilă

Mădălina Codreanu

Uroš Delić

Ana-Maria Dinescu

Dalma Dojcsák

Ioana Giurisici

Petra Gluščić Puljek

Hanna-Erika Hompoth

Valmir Ismaili

Branka Ivanović

Alketa Lasku

Burhan Makiya

Veronika Poklembova

Liliana Rotaru

Florian Salajeanu

Blerta Thaci

Artan Toska

Katarina Vučković

Marion Zabini

Gheorghe Zastavneţchi

Hatixhe Zeka