Welcome to Our New Website

We proudly present our brand-new website in its fresh design. Now you can find all relevant information about our network, its impact, our activities and more with a single click.

Our Network consists of our members, partners and faculty. The members of the NGO Academy are the heart and soul of the programme. More than 560 organizations from 14 countries share their knowledge and learn from the faculty but most importantly from each other. NGO Academy’s faculty come from different backgrounds, like academia, the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and engage in the programmes by taking various roles, such as lecturers, guest speakers, and coaches. What is more, NGO Academy’s partners – ERSTE Foundation, WU Vienna, “la Caixa” Banking Foundation and Porticus – bring our activities to life. 

These Activities include the Regional Programme, the Social Innovation and Management Programme and the Masterclasses – three different capacity building programmes focussing on different aspects of leading and working in a civil society organisation. Information on our capacity building programmes, alumni and past events can be found here. In addition, various research projects conducted in Central and South-Eastern Europe’s civil society sector will be presented.
By providing stories and news from NGO Academy and its members, we also strive to show the Impact of our network. Various articles will be provided in this section, so we recommend keeping an eye on it!

Last but not least, you can find general information About NGO Academy’s approach to capacity building on the new website. This page is designed as a quick overview, introducing NGO Academy in a nutshell to website visitors. You can also get to know the team behind NGO Academy and find contact information here.