TEDx Salon Donauinsel: Impact

Together with ERSTE Foundation we were proud partners of the TEDx Donauinsel Salon Impact, which took place last year on September 29, 2023. On an afternoon at the Odeon Theatre in Vienna, we were inspired by 10 thought-provoking, touching and eye-opening TED Talks. Eleven people who dedicate their professional lives to creating positive impact talked about protecting dolphins in the Adriatic, a child eating an onion for breakfast, why making money won’t save the world and more. All this was accompanied by four amazing artistic performances. Below, you can find all videos of the talks and performances.

TED Talks

Ana Janošev: How To Empower Social Entrepreneurship

Ana Janosev shines a light on the unique field of social entrepreneurship, its challenges, and how we can support individuals to become successful social entrepreneurs.

Dijana Pejić: What Monsters Does Your Child Carry In Its Backpack?

Dijana Pejić made it her life’s mission to empower marginalized youth and adolescents. In this inspired talk, she raises our awareness to the heavy mental burdens our children carry.

Gabriela Gandel: Why Networks Are Crucial For Social Impact

Gabriela Gandel has built some of the world’s largest social entrepreneurship and youth leadership networks. In this TEDx talk, she explains why networks are so important for social impact and shares her secrets of how to build effective networks.

Henrieta Belegišanin & Ivana Šeparović: Respecting Dolphins in the Adriatic

Ivana Šeparović and Henrieta Belegišanin fight to protect marine life in the Adriatic. In this talk, they educate us about the rules we should know when getting in contact with dolphins so that these astonishing creatures can thrive in the Adriatic sea for many generations to come.

Liliana Rotaru: Why a 3-year old has raw onions for breakfast

Liliana Rotaru has dedicated her life to aiding underprivileged and abandoned children. In a passionate talk, she sheds light on the issue of childhood poverty in Moldova.

Mirela Nemtanu: The Lessons I Learned From Dying People

In search of making an impact and helping others, Mirela Nemtanu left the corporate world to help others through palliative care services. In this talk, she shares the lessons she learned about life from working with people who are dying.

Ștefania Neagoe: Poverty Is Not Inevitable

Ștefania Neagoe addresses the reality of poverty and the role of social workers in empowering those impacted. Through the powerful example of a woman facing poverty, it demonstrates that with proper support, people can lift themselves out of poverty while maintaining dignity.

Teia Ciulacu: I Planted 1,000,000 Trees – And You Can Too

Recognizing that our current system of exploiting the planet is unsustainable, Teia Ciulacu was not content to be just another person discussing climate change. So, she began planting, what she calls, “hope trees” in some of the most inhospitable regions of Romania.

Urška Jež: How To Use Language To Change Gender Stereotypes

Urška works in an NGO that promotes gender-equality and inclusion through contemporary arts. She teaches us how language can affect our view of others and gives practical advice on how to become more inclusive and empathetic with our language in and outside the workplace.

Uli Grabenwarter: Why Impact Investing doesn’t work

Uli Grabenwarter is a self-proclaimed “non-mainstream investor”. His TEDx talk is a much needed wake up call that we are believing a lie: We can generate profits while doing good.

Artistic Performances

Felix Röper: Pace / Peace – Dance Performance

Felix Röper dances an improvisation under the guidance of Monica Artino (Asd Ballett Club Ronchi / Italia) at the Odeon theatre in Vienna.

Helmut Rhode: “Jealous Little Pancake” & “Sweet Music”

Helmut Rhode is performing his two songs “Jealous Little Pancake” & “Sweet Music” at TEDxDonauinsel Salon. This is the mantra of the young ponchi-wearing artist.

Lucia Amina & fii: “We’re in Trouble” & “Power to the People”

Lucia Anima & fii performing “We’re in Trouble & Power to the People” at TEDxDonauinsel Salon IMPACT at Odeon Theatre.

Lukas Leitner: Jana’s Suite

Lukas Leitner is a highly accomplished Austrian pianist, keyboardist, and composer. In this piano performance at TEDxDonauinsel Salon, he played a suite that he wrote for his newborn daughter Jana.