Social Innovation and Management Programme 2015

The 25 alumni of the Social Innovation and Management Programme 2015 come from 11 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe. This year’s participants represented organisations and social business in the fields of social services, women’s rights, youth, education, environment and sustainability, among others. Throughout three intense modules, the participants deepened their knowledge of project development, innovation management and leadership and broadened their network on an international scale.

Each participant developed a course project, an innovative project they aim to implement in their respective organisation. Discover the variety of topics and have a look at the course project summaries.

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Social Innovation and Management Programme 2015

Mina Aleksic

Stephan Amann

Bojan Arula

Ervin Bonecz

Bianca Mihaela Buzetto

Alla Cuseac

Nora Amira Eker

Milica Greguric

Miroslava-Mima Ivanovic

Madalina Daniela Lescai

Stefanie Mackerle-Bixa

Anamarija Meglic

Marin Mic

Karmen Murn

Orlando Ionut Neagoe

Miroljub Nikolic

Zeljko Paukovic

Carmen Pop

Ilie Popescu

Amina Rizvanovic

Karin Schmid

Doris Stroiescu

Laura-Mihaela Turcu

Csaba Vaszko

Peter Wurm

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