The winter semester 2021/22 of our Regional Programme has passed succesfully

We’ve successfully completed the winter semester of our Regional Programme and proudly look back on four months filled with Workshops, Online Coachings and Webinars!


We’re happy to have completed 15 courses with a total of 34 sessions and an overall of 208 participants. Whether we met in Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Vienna or online, it has once again been a pleasure to interact with our amazing members from NGOs and Social Businesses from across 16 countries.

A highlight for us was the online Keynote held by Rob Reich from Stanford University last November. Professor Reich enlightened us on the topic of philanthropy in the age of growing inequality, posing the question of whether philanthropist billionaires could be part of the solution or rather pose threats to democratic foundations of our society.

We’re especially proud to have finished another semester under the uncertainties Covid brings along, and wanted to thank our participants, lecturers, team members and everyone else for their flexibility and patience. While we mastered our online formats and will continue to offer them, it was wonderful to have three physical workshops as well and we hope we can see each other in person more often again from now on.

You want to know more about our Regional Programme? We have summarized the most important points here.