NGO Academy Member Story #2: Jehona Gjurgjeala and Rreze Hoxha, TOKA, Kosovo

TOKA Member Story

For our second NGO Academy Member Story, we recently talked to Jehona and Rreze from TOKA, a Kosovo-based organisation empowering the country’s youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to being tomorrow’s leaders of change. In 2018, Jehona participated in the NGO Academy’s Social Innovation and Management Programme – and her course project has evolved ever since. Now, in 2021, her colleague Rreze decided to join the Social Innovation and Management Programme as well.

Listen in now and discover how TOKA is working together with Kosovo’s youth, the challenges they faced along the way, how they adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic and much more.


About TOKA

TOKA is a youth development non-profit organization operating in Kosovo since 2015. TOKA’s mission is to empower youth by supporting their skill development through experimental learning.

Find out more about TOKA’s activities on their website.

About NGO Academy Member Stories

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