NGO Academy Member Story #10: A board game travels – from Rijeka via Vienna to Skopje

Just in time for our ten year anniversary, we’re proudly presenting our tenth NGO Academy Member Story! This one is about Irina Janevska and Tamara Fabac, both Alumni of the tenth edition of the Social Innovation and Management Programme, and a board game that travelled 1564 kilometers.

Irina works for the Organization for Social Innovation “ARNO”, which is based in Skopje, North Macedonia. Tamara works for the Croatian Association for Civil Society Development “SMART” in Rijkea. They met during the first module of the Social Innovation and Management Programme, but soon realized that they have far more in common than their choice to participate.

In a hybrid interview, during which we created a Miro Board while zooming, they shared their connecting points and the story of the SDG Board Game “Last Chance” – a game designed by SMART that is now part of ARNO’s work.

For this 10th edition we wanted to try a new format – which means you can enjoy our Member Story in different ways:

1. You can listen to Irina & Tamara in the Video below while reading along as they type (at least you can try…)

2. You can have a look at the Miro Board below and simply enjoy the written version of the interview

3. You can do a mix of both

Whatever way you decide on – have fun!

About NGO Academy Member Stories

NGO Academy currently has more than 590 member organizations operating in 14 countries including Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. All these organizations are giving impulses for civil society and they are the heart and soul of the NGO Academy Network. Year after year, we see great social innovations and projects coming to live in NGO Academy Member organizations. With NGO Academy Member Stories, we want to open the floor to these projects, enable organizations to learn from each other and to connect our NGO Academy members with each other.

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